Cultural exchange

Tourism is not only an economic opportunity for the host families; it is a chance to meet people of different cultures. By living with a local family in Orchha you will observe all sorts of traditions and rituals that will arouse your curiosity. The host families and their neighbours are, in turn, curious about you, your habits and background. But, if you don't speak Hindi, communication is limited.

Dialogue with inhabitants

We are happy to serve as interpreters between you and the families. We sometimes organise discussions in the evenings that allow you and the local people to introduce yourselves to each other and ask all the questions that surface through your interaction. If you can bring photos of your home town and anything about your country you would like to show, our people will be happy to see them and, thanks to you, learn about places they may never have the opportunity to visit.

Adding local flavour

We also arrange, on request, walks or cycle tours to neighbouring villages and picnic spots on the river, as well as cultural evenings with live Bundeli music.

Musicians Swim in the Betwa